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Jesus made time to be alone with God. Many times he sent the disciples away or walked away himself to spend time alone with God. In our culture where everyone and everything is trying to grab your attention and take your time from you, make it a point to schedule TIME alone with GOD.


The many times where we read about Jesus praying, the majority of those times he was alone. We believe the reason was to be free of distractions. Its going to be tough to pray in your living room while the kids are running around, your spouse is watching the news, or your roommates are playing Xbox.  Make it a point to go somewhere alone.  Find a PLACE free from distractions where you can be alone and pray.


So what’s next?  After we have scheduled the TIME to pray and found the PLACE to pray, what should we actually pray for? I think it’s healthy to have a PLAN for your prayer time. Jesus gave his disciples an outline when they asked how to pray; we call it the Lord’s Prayer.  It’s not so much a prayer to recite, but a “recipe” or plan to help you when you pray.


It’s important to not only create a culture of prayer in our lives but to also learn how we can continue to strengthen our relationship with God while doing so. King David who is one of the authors of the book of Psalms is credited as being “A Man After God’s Own Heart” which says a lot about his relationship with God and pursuit of him. Let’s learn from him as we journey these next 21 days together. 


Below is a great way to reflect on each of the chapters you will read through this study.


What did God SAY to you? As you read these passages, what might God be trying to say to you through them. Think about what they meant back when the words in these scriptures were being written and what God might be saying through them right now.


What are you challenged to OBEY in this chapter? There might be times when you read these passages where you feel convicted or challenged to change an area of your life. Find courage to OBEY what the Holy Spirit might be telling you and apply through your actions what you might be learning.


Who can you SHARE this with? As you read and listen to what God has to SAY to you and as you take action to live out the challenge and OBEY, what he is charging you with? Who can you SHARE these things with? Celebrate the prayers that he is answering through your 21 days of prayer and invite someone to join in it with you.


DAY 1 - 5/17 

DAY 2 -5/18

DAY 3 - 5/19

DAY 4 - 5/20

DAY 5 - 5/21

DAY 6 - 5/22

DAY 7 - 5/23


DAY 8 - 5/24

DAY 9 - 5/25

DAY 10 - 5/26

DAY 11 - 5/27

DAY 12 - 5/28

DAY 13 - 5/29

DAY 14 - 5/30


DAY 15 - 5/31

DAY 16 - 6/1

DAY 17 - 6/2

DAY 18 - 6/3

DAY 19 - 6/4

DAY 20 - 6/5

DAY 21 - 6/6

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